My name is Brenton Hamilton, I am a Personal Trainer who is highly motivated to help people combat their own physical and well-being goals.

I have undertaken my own fitness journey to overcome battles with weight management and healthy eating which has given me the formula and motivation to help others do the same.

I believe in treating health holistically, through exercise, nutrition and mindset, as it is not just about what you eat, as many believe.

Through a combination of cardio, "Hiit" (High Intensity Interval Training), strength and Conditioning, nutritional advice and building positive daily habits, using these I can help you boost your metabolism so that calories are burning during exercise and for subsequent hours after your workouts, making you not only feel great, but begin to see the benefits.

With your motivation for change and my guidance, we will be a powerhouse of positivity and results!

My story:

My fitness journey began around the age of 15 when I decided to take action on losing weight, by convincing my mom to get me a gym membership. From a young age I had a poor relationship with food, eating out of boredom and to gain comfort, this took me on a path of low confidence and even lower energy,  something had to change!

What has helped clients and I get to where we are today is by changing the way we feel about exercise, nutrition and more importantly, ourselves.

I now treat my body as something to look after by nourishing it with foods that keep me energised throughout the day. Exercise regularly to keep systems functional and mobilised, having this mindset naturally keeps consistency in check. Which is the most important element of all!

Without correct and specific guidance, I made many mistakes along my journey to becoming fit and healthy. I have learnt from these mistakes and my job now is to show you the most sustainable, healthy way to get in shape. This will be effective, efficient and challenging but ultimately enjoyable for you.

If I had known years ago what I now know, I would have sought advice from somebody who had been on the same journey that I was embarking on. I have realised that knowledge and motivation from someone else is so crucial to keeping your health in check. It’s a long game of consistency, not an overnight fix or a fad diet.

The silver lining for me now in hindsight of my journey is that I can truly empathise and foresee what obstacles will be in the path of my clients whilst pursuing their goals.

It is truly a pleasure and a privilege to help others achieve their full health and fitness goals as I know exactly how rewarding it is.