‘I had never really considered personal training before, I was relatively motivated to go to the gym and didn’t think I needed any help. However, I struggled to consistently keep going and would often give up after a few weeks of training. I was also intimidated by the free weights sections that always seem to be dominated by men, and I didn’t know where to start to ‘tone-up’.

Brenton offered me a free trial and I then signed up for some sessions. I can honestly say that after 2 months I’m starting to see real differences in my body shape, my strength and my overall self-confidence – things I’d never really managed to do on my own. I also use all of the free-weights sections confidently, I don’t feel intimidated there at all anymore.

The cost of personal training is a big factor for me, but now that I have the sessions I can’t imagine not having them. They give me consistency and push me to do my own workouts in-between the PT sessions each week. My goals now move on a regular basis and I’ve already exceeded a number of them, like target weights to lift for different exercises, or distances I run.

Brenton monitors my nutrition on a weekly basis. I always log my foods even when I’ve had a bad eating day, and he motivates me with tips and tricks of how to avoid the foods that will hinder my results. I feel less bloated and have a flatter stomach from good nutritional advice.

There’s no quick fix and you have to be prepared to put the work into your diet and workouts, but I cannot recommend Brenton enough for helping you achieve your fitness goals!’