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Online Training

Did an online group fitness session with Brenton yesterday and it was brilliant. It was a short, sharp, intensive workout. I can really feel it today so I definitely recommend him. His pep talk and the workout were both great! Thanks.

Tania Lopez

Feeling the Difference

I’ve been working with Brenton for about 2 weeks so far and already feeling the difference, I signed up for a 12 week transformation to kick start the process which is great value. I highly recommend getting in contact with Brenton, in just an hour twice a week I really feel like I have had a great workout but i never feel I’m struggling even though I have come from doing virtually no exercise. He brings all the kit and works with you on your diet.

Emma C

Emma Coles


I have lost over 22lbs in 4 months and my shape is changing accordingly. My fitness levels have improved to the extent that I competed in an indoor rowing doubles event recently where we placed second. I have now registered for park runs, my stress and anxiety levels are much reduced and my joints and arthritis are much improved. I intend to maintain and continue with this journey as not only do I feel better, but my confidence has increased and I’m enjoying the positive feedback from friends and family. I see this very much as an investment for me and my family. I cannot thank Brenton enough for his help and support to date and I do hope that you decide to make a similar investment, it will be the best investment you will ever make.


I had never really considered personal training before


‘I had never really considered personal training before, I was relatively motivated to go to the gym and didn’t think I needed any help. However, I struggled to consistently keep going and would often give up after a few weeks of training. I was also intimidated by the free weights sections that always seem to be dominated by men, and I didn’t know where to start to ‘tone-up’.

Brenton offered me a free trial and I then signed up for some sessions. I can honestly say that after 2 months I’m starting to see real differences in my body shape, my strength and my overall self-confidence – things I’d never really managed to do on my own. I also use all of the free-weights sections confidently, I don’t feel intimidated there at all anymore.

The cost of personal training is a big factor for me, but now that I have the sessions I can’t imagine not having them. They give me consistency and push me to do my own workouts in-between the PT sessions each week. My goals now move on a regular basis and I’ve already exceeded a number of them, like target weights to lift for different exercises, or distances I run.

Brenton monitors my nutrition on a weekly basis. I always log my foods even when I’ve had a bad eating day, and he motivates me with tips and tricks of how to avoid the foods that will hinder my results. I feel less bloated and have a flatter stomach from good nutritional advice.

There’s no quick fix and you have to be prepared to put the work into your diet and workouts, but I cannot recommend Brenton enough for helping you achieve your fitness goals!’



Online Training


Id say what I loved most about Online training with Brenton is that he went above and beyond. He called me all the way through and helped me stay motivated with weekly updates tailored to me!

Gavin Duffy

The Time Is Now

I have been unhappy with my body for a while now and wanted to do something about it. I have known Brenton for some time now and went college with him. I had 6 weeks with him and lost 1 stone and 3 pounds could see a massive difference in my body, fitness and eating more foods that I have not tried before. Gonna carry on the progress because now I enjoy working out and getting amazing results

Luke Nemeth

Thank you Brenton!

Brenton helped me to finally start to shift the baby weight I’d been carrying for years! Does he push you? Yes! Is it easy? No! But it’s heaps of fun in a really sweaty way and I can’t recommend him highly enough! Thank you Brenton! You are amazing!




Can’t recommend Brenton enough!

Can’t recommend Brenton enough! I have been with Brenton since January this year . I was only gonna have a couple of goes ! But after just a couple of weeks I really started to see a difference in my body , arms & legs, started to feel toned instead of flabby 😬! My energy levels have risen through the roof 😂…. so I’m afraid it looks like he has me forever 😊.. very friendly & great advice .



Brenton Accommodates Everyone’s needs!

Brenton accommodates everyone’s needs and circumstances while working the body. He makes sessions fun yet challenging and there is a consuming sense of fulfilment once having completed a session. Would highly recommend his assistance in helping you improve and maintain your physical and mental health.


This is life changing…

7 weeks in now !!! this is life changing I’ve gained so much confidence and my fitness is so noticeable – Brenton works you hard and makes me so proud of my achievements!!


Training with Brenton makes me push through barriers…

I always thought of fitness as a way to lose weight but the way exercising makes me feel in regards to my mental and physical well being now rank much higher. Training with Brenton makes me push through my own barriers to achieve a much greater level of fitness than I could do on my own.


Not only have I lost nearly a stone…

I’m a 54 year old woman who’s gained considerable weight over the years and who hasn’t consciously exercised in decades. That was until 7 weeks ago when a family member sang the praises of a personal trainer called Brenton. My misconceptions of a PT only being for fit, young people were dispelled during my first session. Brenton’s programme considered my mobility issues whilst at the same time pushed me beyond the limits I set my self with new, fun challenges each week. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. Not only have I lost nearly a stone in weight and between 1.5 and 2 inches off all of my body measurements, I no longer have back pain. Thanks to Brenton I’m more positive, more confident more mobile, more active, more me.


Brenton is the perfect personal trainer.

Brenton is an inspired and inspiring PT. I’ve never had anyone motivate me like he does. Not only that, but his skill and ability to craft the perfect routine for me is amazing. For anyone looking to keep fit, stay fit or lose weight, Brenton is the perfect personal trainer.


Professional and Amiable Personal Trainer.

Brenton is a really professional and amiable personal trainer who really takes an interest in the people he works out, planning bespoke workout sessions and nutritional advice. He has guided me in developing a healthy lifestyle which ties in with my busy work schedule. In the three months I have been working with Brenton I have lost weight, built muscle up and according to my chiropractor my tone has improved and my back a lot better than normal. I made Brenton aware of my back issues and he has worked with me in improving my posture, strengthening my core and overall making my back feel better. If you are looking to get healthy, get in shape and basically improve your life in general with regards to fitness, diet and feeling much better then I can not recommend Brenton highly enough. He will push you, I can assure you of that but that is what you would want.


I can’t recommend Brenton highly enough.

I never thought I would look forward to exercising, but quite simply with Brenton I do. Each session is different and challenging and I’m loving it. The difference in how I feel is remarkable and I’ve made massive progress towards achieving my goals. I haven’t had any back pain since I started his programme and for that most of all I am very thankful! This feels like an investment in myself and my future and its definitely one worth making. I can’t recommend Brenton highly enough.


In only seven weeks I have lost 4kg!

In only seven weeks I have lost 4kg! I feel great and I look incredible, I have never felt as good about my all-round self in my life. My mental health is phenomenal
Most importantly I have my confidence and self-belief back.

I was sceptical at first about a few things.
1. The commitment to having a PT when my free time is minimal, as where I work has varied hours and also having a young family and
finding that equal work life balance is always tough.
2. I work away quite often, if I commit to a PT how do I complete workouts if I can’t access a gym?
3. Another thing I wasn’t sure about was how effective an online PT could be, I always thought I needed someone there to walk me through every exercise and motivate me with every rep.
4. Is it value for money?

After 7 weeks in I can say:
1. Brenton works around you; he sets your workouts to days where you have more free time. The workouts set aren’t long they are highly efficient, you maximise your workouts in a shorter time frame.

2. When I work away, I ring Brenton and explain that I will be away for a couple of days, within a short period of time my sessions are changed and he creates a workout that I can do anywhere with no equipment needed. These are quick and really effective.
3. I speak to Brenton every few days on the phone and most days by message, we talk about my workouts, how they are going what I have struggled with etc. Brenton updates my workouts on the app. The app has clear instructions for each exercise and a video demonstration to help with your technique. If I struggle with an exercise, I can record myself send him the video and he can give me feedback. We have a couple of skype calls for a more in-depth conversation every now and again.

4. Is it value for money? 100% no other answer. I have a flexible detailed workout plan that is specific to my needs, I complete them whenever I need to do them, I have meal plans that are enjoyable substantial, easy to follow and quick to prep. How I now feel physically and mentally it has been the best money I have ever spent with the results to prove it.

I now look forward to going to the gym. I get excited for my workouts and pushing myself even more.
It’s the perfect way for me to de stress from work and zone out from everything.
It has helped me so much, my back pain has pretty much gone, my anxieties with exercise and the gym have gone. My relationship has benefited.
I cannot recommend Brenton enough, he is phenomenal, he will transform your life not just your body.

Jake Denton

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